Lavallette: Businessman donates critical safety software to school


In the wake of the many public attacks incidents throughout the country the same observations have been noted by law enforcement officials time and time again.

Response teams have consistently been hampered by poor communications and a lack of coordination between agencies contributing to chaotic evacuations and delays in reaching victims. Being unfamiliar with a location layout arriving responders don’t even know where to go, how to best plan rescues, area sweeps, etc.


The technology developed by United States Special Operations combines a gridded reference system, with high resolution imagery, floor plans, and critical features within a building, and a communication tool that is useable in crisis situations and accessible to first responders through any smart device.

The Lavallette Board of Education is pleased to announce this safety software has been donated by local businessman, resident, and father, Matthew Schlosser.

“As soon as I became aware of this technology, I knew I wanted it for our school. Nothing should stand in the way of student and staff safety,” Schlosser said.

Used by the military during the raid on Osama Bid Laden, it has now been brought to the private sector through a relationship between public safety experts and special operation veterans.