Keep off the partially frozen Barnegat Bay, police warn

Public Service Message


Portions of the Barnegat Bay have frozen over during the current Arctic blast, and that’s worrisome for officials.

“Keep off the ice,” warned the Harvey Cedars Police Department. “It’s not as thick as you may think.”

The Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol has warned that “salt water ice breaks suddenly without cracking/warning sounds and survival is just minutes.”

Seaside Park Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 Past Chief Mike Tumolo has previously said that ice is deceiving since it might look and feel safe from the top.

But once you fall in, your life is immediately at risk, he stressed.

“The currents under the ice will move you and trap you out of reach from help. The cold water will start shutting down your body in seconds using up your extra oxygen reserves that would normally give you the time to effectively rescue yourself,” the chief said.

The ice isn’t even close to being thick enough for walking.

So if you’re thinking about taking a walk out there, consider Tumolo’s advice.

“I tell everyone that no matter how serene it looks, how safe it feels, or how cool you think you look walking on the frozen Barnegat Bay, it’s just not worth your life. It’s dangerous and unpredictable,” he stressed.