JSHN Listening Post: If You Could Ask Your Mayor For One Thing…

Listening Post


After previously speaking to the men at the Samaritan House in Lakewood, sending a survey out to our Listening Post text recipients, and speaking with Brick Mayor John Ducey, we wanted to hear more about what our communities want from their towns and elected officials.

In order to do that, we set up our mobile Listening Post at its third location, the Ocean County Library branch in Lakewood, and asked visitors to share their thoughts on several topics. Lakewood is a diverse town, with many people speaking languages other than English, so the mobile Listening Post’s prompts were written in both English and Spanish to encourage speakers of both languages to participate.

The Listening Post was first set up in the teen section of the library, which is where we received the majority of our responses. While some of the recordings were silly bits of audio and conversations, the teens recorded many different great and detailed thoughts about their town and the improvements that they’d like to see. A majority of this audio recording represents the teens’ contributions.

The Listening Post was then set up in the adult section of the library near one of the computer labs. We received significantly fewer responses when it was placed in the adult section, as evidenced by the sole response in this audio recording.

Regardless of its placement, we asked Listening Post responders to share their thoughts on three things:

1. If you could ask your mayor for one thing for your town, what would it be and why?
2. What is the best thing about your town?
3. Do you feel as though your voice is heard by your town/county government? Why or why not?

The audio recording below represents people who chose to share their thoughts and opinions on these topics:



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