Dog, cop safe after dramatic ice rescue



A curious dog ended up needing rescue after ice on a Cape May County lake gave way last Sunday, authorities say.

Police and firefighters responded to Davies Lake in Lower Township’s Higbees Wildlife Management Area early Sunday afternoon on a report of a dog in the icy water, according to a release from the Lower Township Police Department.

Responding officers observed a yellow retriever that had fallen through the ice approximately 30 feet from the lake’s bank, the release said, adding that the dog’s owner was at the scene.

Ptl. Jordan Saini began walking onto the ice to rescue the dog, who was unable to get back onto the ice and struggling to stay afloat, according to police.

But authorities say as Saini attempted to pull the dog onto the solid surface, the ice gave way beneath them, and both fell into the frigid lake.

The officer then swam back to the ice shelf with the dog and pulled the animal out of the water.

Unharmed, both then walked on the ice and back to land.

Saini was assisted by Ptl. William Kocis and Jason Felsing.