Coastal Reader: Adventures Along the Jersey Shore

Coastal Reader

This adventure series, writes the publisher, features “Kelly and Geoffrey, the spirited Martin siblings, together with their ne’er-do-well friend Danny Windsor, who are on a mission to explore the forgotten history and natural phenomena behind the Garden State’s most baffling events. Presented for the first time in one volume—with the addition of a new novella—Dave Hart and John Calu deliver seven captivating tales for readers of all ages.”

Set sequentially beginning in the early 2000s to 2012’s Hurricane Sandy and walking the reader through seven tales spun with local folklore and shore locations, this collection was published last fall and can be found for purchase online through the publisher, Plexus Publishing, or for check-out at most local library systems, often in the young adult reading section. A good start for shore-interested young teen readers though a bit daunting in its collected 512-page size.

Adventures Along the JS cover